the voice, an ever changing instrument, holds a lot of fascination for me. seemingly so abstract and unassailable, yet we’re using it every single day. besides raising awareness and revealing some of the voices‘ mystery, my goal while teaching is giving the people confidence, the right means to work with their instrument and make it audible in which ever sense imaginable.
after having finished my masters degree in 2020, i started teaching vocal lessons in 2021. i am continuously collecting experience mainly working with people in their early adulthood. currently educating myself in CVT (complete vocal technique – by cathrine sadolin „considered the leading educational material for teaching professional singing techniques“.)
people can come visit me for various reasons like working on their singing voice, getting to be a more confident speaker, understanding their voice, how to work with microphones, stage presence etc etc etc. since i am not a trained speech therapist or phoniatrician i cannot safely give any diagnoses or treat speech impediments.

– 2024 PRICES & INFO –

what: 1 lesson = 50 minutes / 650 kč (EN/CZ/DE/FR)
when: check my free slots right here, or get in touch with me. mail will follow!
where: KOHUTEK, Koliště 43 (brnos‘ music school for adults) or at my place